Manual of the VREEDA product "Smart Lighting" ("Product Manual")

Manual of the VREEDA product "Smart Lighting" ("Product Manual")

(1) Use Case


(2) Intended Use

Control of smart lamps and lights and use of associated basic and additional services.

(3) Smart Devices

(a) with VREEDA firmware

·      LED lamps (E27, E14, GU10), LED stripes and lights from the manufacturer LeuchtenDirekt GmbH (the Neuhaus Lighting Group)

(b) with third party firmware

[currently none]

(4) VREEDA IoT Services

The VREEDA IoT Services consist in particular of the following services:

1) VREEDA IoT Basic Services:

·       VREEDA App for iOS/Android

o   to create the VREEDA customer account for the purpose of registering as a customer and concluding a service contract

o   to integrate the smart devices into the end customer's WLAN via a guided process (wizard)

o   to connect the smart devices to the VREEDA Cloud

o   to control the basic functions of the connected smart devices

o   Multi-lingualism of the VREEDA App (German & English)

o   Configuration of lamp name, user profile etc.

o   Online help integrated into the VREEDA app


·       The basic functions of the smart devices with VREEDA firmware are:

o   Display and operation of the main functions ON/OFF and brightness on the home screen of the VREEDA app

o   Control of RGB color values and brightness

o   Control of warm white and cool white light mix and brightness

o   Configuration and activation of three customizable light scenarios (countdown timer, sleep timer and wake up timer)

o   Activation of 13 additional, fixed light scenarios

o   Creation of time programs for the automatic, time-based switching of ON/OFF, brightness and scenarios

·       VREEDA Cloud for processing the control data with regard to the smart devices with VREEDA firmware

All of the aforementioned VREEDA IoT Basic Services are free of charge.

2) VREEDA IoT Additional Services

·       Use of the "Away mode" service to simulate presence in the house for the purpose of burglary protection

·       Controlling smart devices with third party firmware:

·       The use of smart devices with third-party firmware via the VREEDA App always represents a VREEDA IoT additional service, even if only the aforementioned basic functions are used in whole or in part . The functions of the smart devices with third-party firmware are either identical to the aforementioned catalogue of basic functions or a reduced catalogue, depending on the scope of the activation either in the local network or via the cloud controlled by the third-party firmware.

All aforementioned VREEDA IoT additional services are currently free of charge.

(5) Compatible VREEDA Apps

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